Monday, April 18, 2011

Community Gardens: An Excellent Way to Celebrate Earth Day

Community Gardens are a great way to do something positive for the community and the environment, and would be a great event to kickoff on Earth Day 2011 if you're looking for an eco-friendly event idea for your community. I recently checked out a local community garden known as Tucson Village Farm, The working urban farm is maintained by local kids through the organization's seed-to-table program. Children (and adults) are taught the benefits of healthy eating while helping to maintain crops that include vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. "Growing Forward” is their K-5 state standardized agriculture literacy program. Hands-on learning stations include: farming, composting, worms, pollinators, and nutrition.
Junior high school art students have created more than a dozen colorful signs that educate visitors as well.
I'm lucky. I get to enjoy the ongoing fruits of their labors every time I walk to Trader Joe's. A neighbor's 5-year-old daughter often comes with me - I think it's just so she can see the progress... or because they have a full-size tractor, hay bales, a very wormy-y compost bin and a big red barn!


Anonymous said...

Interesting article! It's a proven fact that children who are able to participate in gardening activities are much more likely to eat the veggies that they grow. Thanks for the reminder!

Angela - Upon Request said...

I agree wholeheartedly and think it goes one step further - children (and adults) who participate in a community garden are more likely to champion eco-friendly ideas!

Jennifer L. said...

I'd love to have a garden in our community like this. Hopefully I can get others to see the value in a project like this sooner than later.