Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Summit Wraps Up

I'd like to think that any time you can assemble world leaders together to discuss global climate issues is a good thing. While many participants and observers feel the global powers-that-be (notably the US, China and the UK) fell short - as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon noted, Copenhagen was an "essential beginning" []

Check out's article: COPing With the Stars: The 13 Biggest Players to Emerge from Copenhagen. You might be surprised to see Sen. John Kerry and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke made the list, but I have a feeling we'll be hearing much more in the months to come from these thirteen. 

There is much work to be done - and all of us are responsible to help. Knowledge is power, but for many around the world, Copenhagen has been a series of TV news sound bytes and tweeted updates on Twitter.  It continues to be so much more.   For more information, check out Wikipedia's article(s) on the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference and the Kyoto Protocol.