Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Blog-a-Thon

I was asked to be part of the Enviance Earth Day Blog-a-Thon that went on yesterday and was honored to be a part of the event! A total of 24 guest posts about so many environmental issues were showcased, one per hour. In case you don't follow Enviance (yet) on Twitter - here's a few snippets and links.

Water, Water Everywhere - (my guest post snippet below)
Showing a dying bird suffocating from remnants of an oil spill off the Gulf Coast, or a dissection of the contents a fish’s stomach that has ingested bits of plastic bottle caps isn’t “fun” for me, but if it makes one person stop and think before tossing a water bottle or it inspires someone to start a grassroots campaign to make chemical companies more accountable for their toxic waste, then it’s worthwhile. If each of us educated just one other person, imagine the possibilities.
Enviance on Twitter
Green Verbs (my Eco Twitter Profile)

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