Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Styrofoam Plate Alternative

Styrofoam and petroleum-based plastic containers have long been used for disposable plates, cups and other ware for everything from picnics to takeout. But the price to our environment, especially landfills, outweighs the convenience.

Retailers and restaurant supply wholesalers are now offering biodegradable alternatives for the standard Styrofoam plates and plastic deli containers. Items such as plates, bowls, cups, straws and deli containers are made from compostable materials like sugar cane and corn.

Here are a few suggestions for finding alternative disposable products.

  1. Check with your local healthy foods stores like Whole Foods, or even Wal-Mart and Target. Many stores are beginning to offer a larger selection of eco-friendly tableware alternatives.

  2. Check out to find assorted products that are eco-friendly. Their biodegradable party kit is less than $50 and serves 50 people. Hot and cold cups as well as disposable flatware are also offered.

  3. Use to do a disposable product search for you (and compare prices). The site has been connecting consumers and green retailers since 2004. Several of the retailers offer green products in large quantities, making them a viable option for catering events or eco-friendly weddings.

Two of the online retailers I found offer these organic products by the case, such as the 9"Sugar Cane Bagasse Dinner plates - $57.69/cs (500 count) at or the 8x8x2 Corn Clamshell Containers - $64.93 (160 count) at the Consider using eco-friendly disposable ware for your next BBQ, corporate event or even a green wedding. After the event, add the trash to your compost - your garden will love it!


Journey said...

I believe in Green lifestyle too. This is a nice blog! Thanks!

Be blessed!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

How can one not want to save our planet, especially if you are a parent or grandparent?