Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Biodegradable Pet Poop Bags

Check out the eco-friendly pet poop bags at

  • 100% biodegradable & flushable
  • Dog waste bag measures 10.75" X 8.5"
  • 10% of sales donated to the ASPCA to fight puppy mills
  • ON SALE now - get an annual supply (420 biodegradable flushable poop bags) + Free Shipping for less than $55!
  • Great gift idea for your favorite dog walker or dog lover.
Here's some statistics from -
71,000,000 dogs create 29,000 pounds of waste each day.
While dog poop is biodegradable, the traditional plastic bags we often use to dispose of it are not, which means it creates problems for our landfill and sea-bound water systems.

FlushDoggy even offers a poop calculator, just in case you're really that curious...

Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies

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