Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recycle Caps with Aveda

In case you haven't heard, Aveda has a recycling program for plastic jug & bottle caps that is a simple way to help the environment. Did you know many of the city curb side recycling programs don't want you to throw in the caps when you throw away your plastic water and soda bottles, or milk and juice containers? Huntington Beach's recycling is one of those who don't, and at times it's felt like those little caps were multiplying everywhere! I found them in baskets, the junk drawer, shoved at the back of the counter... you get the picture. So I was very happy to hear about Aveda's program - and it couldn't be easier! Simply take all your collected caps into the Aveda Salon/store nearest you, and they'll do the rest. Aveda has pledged to keep these rigid caps out of our water and away from birds and other marine creatures by repurposing them into product packaging. Now that's what I call a beautiful thing! For more information, click here.

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