Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Green Is Your Garden? Tips for Planting Eco-Friendly Yards and Gardens

Check out these tips for creating a truly green outdoor space at home, whether you have a small backyard, a container herb garden on a deck, or a large garden. Even small changes (like switching to natural pesticides) to the way you normally care for your yard or garden can have a big impact.

How To Make Your Yard Eco-Friendly on Howcast

Organic gardening is enjoying a huge increase in popularity these days as many are looking to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home. What could be better than planting your own garden that is both eco-friendly and budget-friendly? Here are a few tips to incorporate both frugal and green gardening ideas.

Natural pest control is better for your home and family, as well as soil and air quality. Here are some eco-friendly and budget friendly ways to keep your home and garden virtually pest free.

Happy Gardening!

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