Monday, January 18, 2010

Eco-Art: Check out these Recycling Artists

Here are just a few artists that have turned recycled and reused products that would normally end up in landfills into creative works of art.

British artist Jane Perkins began creating broaches from similar bits and pieces that would normally go unused. Since 2008, she's expanded her recycling technique to make portraits using buttons, toys, plastic forks--or nearly anything else she can get her hands on. Read about & see more of her work at

Discarded radiator copper was used by Emma Whiteside of New Zealand, to create this 18th century "Queen Adelaide" gown featured at  Whiteside spent more than 200 hours sewing together rosettes of the discarded copper.

Check out the recycled futuristic art objects from Clever 3-D sculptures are created, using old computer parts and miscellaneous electronic components.

Looking for more? Check out - there are more than 100,000 handmade art and craft items listed for sale that use recycled materials like paper, plastic and glass. 

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Veryirie said...

Thanks for showcasing these fun and talented artisians; I'm very impressed at how inventive people can be. This is certainly inspiring me to keep on doing what I'm doing. Bravo! :)