Sunday, November 8, 2009

Green Networking - Connections with the Eco-Conscious

Looking for other eco-conscious folks to connect with? Perhaps you are consider a career move and want to find green jobs in your area...or you'd like to connect with an eco-activist group and get involved in a local (or global) project. Whatever the reason, know that there are tons of people in all shades of "green" that are looking to connect to! has lots of helpful tips in their article Green Networking Made Easy, as does's The Art of Green Networking: 15 Tips From a Reluctant Schmoozer

Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites can be good places to connect online (which can also lead to some offline connections as well).  I've recently started compiling my own Twitter Green list - feel free to snag a few followers -- we're all in this together.


Meagan said...

Congratulations! I have chosen you as one of my recipients of the Best Blog Award. Please check out my post for details and a link for the picture that goes along with the award.

Peace and Love,
PonchoMeg: The Modern Bohemian

Anonymous said...

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