Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to Be an Eco-Friendly Reader

I'm an avid reader, but I rarely buy new books and magazines for myself. Originally, I was doing this because of my "genetically instilled" thrifty values - my mother was the queen of yard sale bargains when I was a kid, and I'm happy to say that particular trait didn't skip a generation!

Reading enriches our lives and creates lifelong readers and book collectors. Of course, that in itself is the main reason for the number of vast home libraries and collections. However, according to some reports, as many as 30 million trees are cut down in the U.S. alone to be used in the production of new books and magazines.
So how do you continue to enjoy reading, but minimize the effects on the environment? By becoming an eco-friendly reader. Here are a few ideas to get started: Read the full article here


Beth said...

I am all about the library. Once in a great while I will have to own a book that I read from the library, I just wish I could get my husband to order more from there.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Almost all of my books are second hand. Thrift stores near me have sales of 10 for 1.99 so I grab some for me and some for my kids and grand kids. I love having ready reference. I bought my college books online second hand also.