Saturday, May 30, 2009


Photo credit: ©Angela Fuller

Activism: Intentional action to bring about social or political change.

I think more and more, the average "global citizen" is realizing that (1) we are all in this together (2) EVERY voice, every action that is taken to make our world a better place for all that inhabit it, is a worthwhile intention to pursue.  Historically, it is the grass-roots efforts, the ones started by a single word, a single spark of ingenuity or a single tear shed for an injustice, that have an effect on us. It's in our nature to champion "the little guy", the "underdog", the "David" that takes on Goliath...  What change can YOU affect in your little corner of the world today?

Need an idea or two to get you started?  How To Be An Effective Activist

Be well. Be inspired. Be the change.

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